Until further notice, we will be continuing to meet via Zoom. We meet the second Sunday of each month from 1:30-3:30pm.

Guests are welcome to attend your first virtual meeting free (with the exception of paid speakers). We’d love to meet you! At your second meeting, we ask that you join the Guild. For more information, please email membership@baltimoremqg.com

Class/Event Refund Policy: No refunds are given once you register for a workshop or an event. If you are not able to attend, you may sell your spot to another person on your own. If there is a wait list, your spot will be offered to the next person on the wait list and your cost refunded to you.


Sunday, October 9th In Person SEW DAY!!!!!

Harford Park Community Association
2522 Linwood Road., Parkville, MD 21234 (south of Taylor Ave., between Perring Parkway and Old Harford Rd.)
The hall is in Laura’s neighborhood, located between two houses. It has a big sign with “Harford Park” on it. The hall entrance is down the stairs at the end of the driveway. Unfortunately, the building is not currently handicapped accessible and there is a short flight of stairs down to get into the hall.
Parking: There’s plenty of street parking (particularly on Park Drive, which is the cross street to Linwood Rd.) but PLEASE be careful not to block neighbors’ driveways.  You are welcome to pull into the driveway if you want to drop off your materials and machine but then please park your car on the street. There is room for 3 cars in the driveway so if anyone needs handicapped/accessible parking, we can use the driveway for that.
Amenities: The hall has a full kitchen (with stove, oven, and microwave) as well as a refrigerator and freezer, which we are welcome to use. Please bring extension cords and power strips to be sure we all can easily plug in our machines. For communal use, Laura will bring her ironing board, iron, large (24×36) cutting mat, rotary cutter, and 6×24 ruler.
Time Frame: 9:00-3:30 (Laura will be there by 8:45 if you want to get there a little bit early – the more sewing time, the better!)
Any questions the day of? Text Laura Baltatzis, 443-756-6777. She’s happy to call you back but her phone silences unknown numbers so you might not get through to her if you only call first.

Sunday, November 13th 1:30-3:30pm 

Sew Smart Zoom lecture with Rose Parr “The Ergonomics of Healthy Quilting”
Quilting can be a real pain in the neck, so can cutting, pressing, and handiwork! How high should your cutting table be? How about your ironing board, your sewing chair, or your sewing table? Be ready to learn about: the ergonomics of sewing, pressing, cutting, and handiwork. Her stretches are designed for quilters’ trouble spots including text/quilters neck, tight shoulders, lower backache, carpal tunnel syndrome prevention, and they can all be done right in your sewing room. Plus lots of other tips so we can sew smart to sew long!